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I started blogging about my (mis)adventures back in 2011 when I first traveled for pleasure (it’s not a luxurious trip but it wasn’t for anything but to simply wander). The blog was more of a documentation of the trip to Cebu with friends from work. That trip to the Queen City of the South got me bitten by the travel bug. Since then, my pair of feet has been itching to go places and discover new sights, scenes and flavor. This eternal hunger for aimless wanderings brought The Backpacking Geek online…



Three years ago I got diagnosed with a hit on my liver that put my traveling feet to an accidental hiatus. I needed to recover.  It’s when I discovered the other “me”. I am sickly, that’s for sure. The reason why I never got myself involved in any type of physical activities in my younger years. Having a serious case of liver abnormality forced me to spend some time on the road, not to go road-tripping but to run (well, I started jogging my almost 200 lbs body). I enjoyed the sudden change running brought to my life and has started participating in fun runs around the metro. The “high”of crossing a finish line is like getting that perfect touchdown of an airplane on the runway, the sudden jolt of the bus when it finally stops at your destination!

Traveling brought me to places and has introduced me to a variety of flavors that tickled my taste buds. While I have been  in control of the things I place in my mouth, I could not help but taste (not devour) the simple joys and sometimes adventures of gastronomic entertainment when I am out of office.

Traveling | Running | Food


Somehow linked, somewhat related and yet different…They don’t gel together like a smooth plane or a well appointed pavement but they are my surfaces. The dents, bumps and holes are what makes my uneven pavements. It’s a narrative of an esoteric, a repertoire of tales of some journeys on the roads less traveled.


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