Boracay: almost is never enough…


“There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore line, no matter how many times it is sent away.”

And like the ocean, I refuse to stop hoping that one day you will come and kiss me…kiss me like the first time you hit this broken soul.

For the longest time I have built walls around my heart because I couldn’t bear the pain of getting left behind, of being broken, of getting lost. Then you came and bumped on my walls one night in a crowded bar in Boracay called Epic…

Drink with our left hand only! or you get to bottoms up and do push ups!

Do the Limbo rock ala Boracay Pubcrawl!

I was a mess in the middle of the pumped up floor with broken bottles of beer and shot glasses and a crowd of limbo-rockers oblivious  of what was to come. Someone grabbed my shirt! I was pulled on the side. Surprised by the movement, I stared at your eyes…they were lovely. I couldn’t look at anywhere else, your twinkling eyes seemed to have calmed everything around me into a blur of lights and sound and nauseating movements…then I noticed your smile while you question if it’s really my name…(I wasn’t really comfortable wearing my real name on my bright yellow “Boracay Pubcrawl” shirt so I used some letters that sounded exactly the same as the real one)…We had a chat then I remembered my towers. I gracefully closed out and smiled. See you around…you were gone or I was too closed out that I did not notice that we drifted apart in a slow dance…I don’t know, really.

These babies need some warming up!

So they fired ’em up!

We danced the night away one bar after another…one shooter at a time until we felt like we had enough.  I layed on my bed (wishing it was sand)…I wondered if we would ever see each other again. The thought has invaded the head until it hurts…just like the heart that’s been broken…bleeding eternally it seemed until you came…sadly, this heart isn’t as easy as the rest so you left without a trace, not even your name.

I’d like to say we gave it a try; I’d like to blame it all on life

Maybe we just weren’t right…

Almost, Almost is never enough…

So close to being in-love; 

We almost knew what love was

But almost is never enough…

Almost is never enough as performed by Ariana Grande/Nathan Sykes

Contemplative mood…Boracay Sunset
Shot: Mac Rivera

We gave it a try. I guess we can call what we did a “try“. We were two worlds apart for one. Or…maybe I was just too broken for you to mend. I don’t know. All I know is that we had our moment…one night when the dance floor was nothing but a blur and the booze was our bullets to call the shots.  Sadly, a few shooters and a glass of rum weren’t enough to drown the fear…to break down the walls…or maybe we just weren’t right to begin with…

Almost…yes, our almost was never enough…






Boracay Pubcrawl – Thanks for the love-leh shots
#bestnightever #turnstrangersintofriends #boracaypubcrawl



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