Busy days are almost over

If you are in my position, you have to hate your company for not letting you get that holiday off you have been used to…then I realize that this is the company that picked me up when I was at my lowest…It just so happened that the company’s most busy time is the year-end, much like most of the institutions we are supporting..hence, I perfectly understand why we have a block out for offs during this busy time.

On the brighter side, after the busy times, as I have received the list of my clients for the next batch of benefit enrollments, I am happy to see only six (6) compared to the 35++ for the year end…now this means I am more confident in planning a trip, a vacation–an activity that I have been longing to do for the last 5 months…

it’s time to check those airline sites for some pretty good deals! Hello itinerary building tools…





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