Rumours got me

Rumours…a story of an uncertain or doubtful truth. I was too dumb to notice, there was something about you How are you suppose to see things, if only you knew… ~lyrics from the song Stuck, Darren Espanto...

Volante: a Pizza Party for One

salmon pizza by pizza Volante

After the sweet kind of breakfast from Tsokolateria, the rain did not stop this birthday boy (man) from wandering around Session Road. Armed with a flimsy umbro from Watson’s, a fleece jacket, hiking sandals and a mobile phone,...

A Monsoon Affair

“Is romance a part of your travel?” they asked. I said “No…” then flashed my all-knowing smile. ‘Is it?’ I asked myself a number of times after my vehement denial. I was thinking…rather, hoping to find peace...

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