Paying the Queen a visit

**Finally, after a gazillion years I am able to post some parts of our Cebu trip. Crazy work schedule made it difficult to even gather my wits and the strength to pound the keyboard.

It was a bumpy ride to the Queen City of the South. Airbus A320 touched down in Mactan-International Airport around 9 in the morning.  It was cold, wet, and rainy! Before flying to Cebu we planned to stay at the Sampaguita Suites. Unfortunately, it was fully booked. This is the first of the series of unfortunate events in this trip.  We sat at the lobby for a couple of minutes to gather our wits and plan plan our next step. Sometimes it’s really best to have a reservation before flying.  A lesson learned the hard way.

Le Carmen Hotel

 It was supposed to be easy looking for a place to stay in an area where hotels are just right next each other. However, in our case it was like nature was against this trip. We checked out the nearby hotels and found nothing that fits our small budget.  A small light on that rainy day led us to a small hotel called Le Carmen, hidden by the lush palms and bars. It was cheap…at least for the four of us. We got the room for Php 1,200. The room has 2 beds, an air conditioning unit, and a private toilet and bath. We liked the room. It was just right for the four of us. I guess the only thing we complained about was the air conditioning that doesn’t seem to keep the temperature to a comfortable level for the most part.

House Rules

After settling in our nest while exploring the city, we fed our hungry mouths.  The first order of the day was CnT.  Yep! The famous place to grab best Lechon in town!Err city! The place was just ordinary.  There was nothing special…except for the fact that most of the customers were gathering where the chopping is! It was crazy watching people argue over who’s getting this and that! People fight for this roasted pig! What say you, Aling Lydia, Aling Ping Ping? Then came the verdict! The answer lies in a plate of juicy and crispy pieces of that roasted pig.  It was heavenly! Hahaha heavenly?! Forget about the liver sauce.  It is tasty from the crispy skin to the tender meat! It was perfect! After a couple of minutes, the table looked like a tornado just passed by. 

On the road to CnT Lechon

Dinuguan to go with the lechon!

The End!

The bumpy ride and the succulent lechon went to balance our body and made us all desire the comfort of the soft bed. We slept ’til 9PM.  Our room doesn’t have windows so we didn’t realize it was kind of late.  We laughed at ourselves realizing how tired we were.  We went to AsiaTown IT Park to pay our company’s Cebu office a visit. Before heading to the office we had dinner at Moon Cafe at The Walk.

The Walk

There were a number of bars and restaurants around the area but we were told that Moon Cafe offers a pretty good menu in a relatively cheaper price. And indeed the food was great.  I had chicken in mozzarella melt.  It was divine. I could not complain about the serving.  It was actually good for two.  Their steak was also good.  The meat was tender and the sauce was great.

Al Fresco @ Moon Cafe

my chicken Mozzarella

Since it was already late and we still have a lot to visit the following day, we decided to retire for the night.

’twas rocky up there! – my maiden voyage by air

The blogger’s boarding pass
It was a sunny morning in Manila at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 when Airphilexpress flight 930 started to taxi down the runway. The sun’s rays were almost blinding. Its a wonderful weather. Who’d think that after seeing the great Mayon volcano with it’s perfect cone that it’s gonna be a wet landing at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport…
Flashback before the landing…
Airphilexpress flight 930:
The seats look old. I mean the seat covers were worn out. Sabihin nyo na na “choosy” ako! I mean for people who are traveling by air with limited view of everything I think I deserve a better sight than an old blue floral seat cover and a nearly dilapidated armrest.
More than the seat cover, I noticed that there is quite a few allowance when it comes to the leg room.  To be honest, I have more leg room in a city bus than what I have in this flight.  Being the so-called virgin in air traveler, I was seated by the window.  When nature called I had to wait ’til we’re settled at the airport before taking a leak. Why? There was barely a space to walk/pass, let alone step over the other passengers to go to the loo whilst on air!
Airphil Express Flight 930
After passing the aerial territory of the Bicol region, the window view did not serve any good entertainment.  Clouds were everywhere.  All I can see are clouds and they’re getting really thick.  After a couple of minutes, the smooth flight turned bumpy.  My travel buddies started getting the uneasy feeling.  For my virginal voyage by air, I had no reaction.  Maybe because of the fact that I am expecting it and it gave me the assurance that it was normal and there’s nothing to worry about.  But seriously, those who has traveled by air previously thought that that was a very bumpy ride.
We landed on Mactan-Cebu International Airport at around 9 in the morning. It was wet.  It was raining.  It was cold and windy!

Let’s Cebu ourselves!

Let’s Cebu ourselves!

Got the statement from one of  my colleagues. Like him, it’s my maiden voyage by air.  Wala pong basagan ng trip! LOLz…There’s always a first for everyone.  After all, this is my first opportunity to travel for pleasure.  I’d say a treat for a job well done and a prelude to a year of travel and adventure–both geographic and gastronomic!
It was an eye opening week indeed.  Last week, due to an unfortunate event, a colleague had to cancel his Davao trip.  He was a disappointed and was mulling over the aborted adventure that we came looking for a diversion. It started with Cebu Pacific Air‘s P550 flight to the Queen City of the South.  Him being there last year  got the excitement back in his veins.  We checked out flight availability but were given quite a few remarkable deals.  The spirits were not dampened by the first hurdle.  We huddled and discussed travel options.  We searched other airlines for promotions and deals.  It went hours that our work productivity was so minimal (sorry boss:our motto: may bukas pa).  
After a so much research and quarrels, we arrived at a decision.  We’re flying Airphilippines to Cebu on March 12 at 7:35 in the morning and heading back to Manila on a Monday morning, March 14 at 5:55.  After all has been set, it was time to hit the reservation page and we ain’t got cash nor credit! A big blow on the group’s excitement.  Anyway we called the airlines instead and work out a time sensitive (24 hour) reservation.  
Raking the fund for the trip was another hurdle.  It’s not like we were just paid yesterday! It was a disaster in the making.  After a short disappointment, someone decided to lend his coffers contents to make the trip a reality.  
The following day was a booking day!  We got our e-tickets last Saturday before heading home for lunch.
MNL-CBU Airphilexpress Flight 930

CBU-MNL Zest Air Flight 361
 Everyone was excited for the trip.  Looking forward to a happy March. ^_^