JBL Acoustical Space Reopens at SM Megamall


JBL Acoustical Space by Beyond Innovations reopens its door to its customers at SM Megamall’s Cyberzone last June 04. The grand reopening was graced by the executives and distributors of Harman International Industries along with celebrity guests like fashion and lifestyle blogger Camille Co and TV personality Kim Domingo.



Kim Domingo and Camille Co with JBL Executives



Located at 4th floor Cyberzone, the technology and lifestyle center of SM Megamall, JBL Acoustical Space was renovated in April 2016 to transform how consumers interact with audio products and experience sound by giving them improved access to HARMAN’s award-winning products from legendary brands such as JBL™, harman/kardon™ and AKG™.

Even before the concept store officially opened, avid customers were already lining up! You can tell how much the brand is valued for its product quality. To show some love to its patrons and audiophiles, there was an opening day sale up to 30% on some of it’s selected products.


Eager customers lining up before the store officially opened

sale flyer

Who can’t say no to these rare treats?

The grand re-opening officially started with the blessing ceremony before everyone had their first taste of what quality JBL had to offer – to hear the truth!



Let the experience begin!



JBL and Harman speaker sets

JBL / Harman Sound System

jbl grip

When I was at the opening of A. Refinery, I had the chance to experience the power of JBL Grip 100. It was such a perfect company for my races as it keeps the ear pieces in your ears while on the go. The Grip 200 with just a few bucks difference in the price tag adds on controls and a mic to make it a complete on-the-go accessory be it for a race or simply being on the move. I can take calls while on the go!

JBL wired headsets

Wired headsets with reflectors on the wires to keep you safe while running in the dark

Here’s an excerpt from Harman’s Press Release about JBL Acoustical Space.

JBL Acoustical Space features award-winning products from HARMAN’s brands, including home audio products, high-performance loudspeakers and headphones for everyone from sound aficionados and tech gurus to music lovers and style seekers.

Upon entering the store, consumers are greeted by displays of home theater speakers and soundbars. The 5.1 Home Theater speaker system is readily available for testing, either for playing movies or music. For a more intimate and immersive experience, home theatre products can also be experienced at the improved Home Theater room which boasts of a projector for better and larger viewing. It is also powered by Control4, a Home Automation system, which enables control of lights or speakers just by using a touch screen. The Home Theater room will help shoppers get a sense of how quality audio truly sounds so that they can have the richest music or movie watching experience possible.

For those seeking portable music solutions, headphones and portable speakers are displayed in more interactive modules at the right side of the store. This section of JBL Acoustical Space features modules with TVs showing slideshows and videos of the newest products.

There is also a new tech section where customers can sit down and tinker around with an iPad and explore the different JBL applications to further enhance the performance of JBL products like the Everest and Pulse 2. JBL Acoustical Space is the first JBL store in the Philippines boasting this experience area.

For more information you can visit them on their website http://ph.jbl.com and http://ph.harmankardon.com or follow their social media accounts:

Facebook : JBL Philippines and JBL Acoustical Space

Twitter: @JBLPH and @JBLconceptstore

Instagram: @jblph and @JBLconceptstore

What are you waiting for? Hear the truth, experience superb sound quality! You don’t have to be an audiophile to hear the difference! swing by the JBL Acoustical Space at the SM Megamall Cyberzone!

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A. Refinery – audiophiles’ bubble in the Metro

A. Refinery (otherwise known as Audio Refinery, Inc) is a new player in the Audio and Lifestyle industry. The store features products under the slogan Lifestyle – Music – Technology. This new concept store had its grand launch last April 23 at the 2nd Level  (beside Saucony) of  the very new UP Town Center along Katipunan Avenue.


While the UP Town Center store celebrates the setting of A. Refinery in the grounds of Metro Manila (Q.C. in particular), it has confirmed two more locations slated to be launched later this year. They have one in Ayala Center – Cebu and one in Abreeza Mall in Davao City.  Now that’s what you call presence in the three main islands of this archipelagic country! With an unlimited pool of audiophiles and movie enthusiasts in the country, I can see more hubs popping up pretty soon.

A. Refinery hosted programs throughout the whole day event. For those who can’t restrain their excitement, they had a limited time sale on featured products at 30% off only between 3 – 5 PM. They also raffled premium items like Harman Kardon Esquire speakers, headphones as well as shirts for media partners and customers alike. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t win any (how am I not surprised?!). Well, I never win in these games! like never! But what I loved the most was the AR-Jam Session. For their grand launch, they featured one of OPM’s top bands – Mayonnaise.  They also featured one of the rising acts in the indie scene – Jensen and the Flips. The jam session alone made me feel like a winner! I was like sitting…well standing for the most part beside the band’s guitar bags! LOL! I was that close!



Mayonnaise rocking the house


Rising indie band, Jensen and the Flips


See, Hear, Experience – A. Refinery’s mission well lives in this concept store as it proves to be a unique lifestyle destination. It provides patrons and guests with an opportunity to discover not just music but movies too in a different light. “Perfect for movie buffs, Vinyl and turntable collectors, sports fanatics and any music listener, the A. Refinery creates a completely immersive movie and music experience, as well as other interesting products for almost any profile” said A. Refinery’s sales team.

“A. Refinery represents today’s forward thinking of home entertainment, HiFi concepts, portable media all integrated into one retail shop. We are now able to offer a complete showcase for our products and services as well as a creative setting for our customers, bringing this central mission to life in a new way.”






They offer iconic brands such as the German Headphone powerhouse Beyerdynamic as well as two of Britt’s leading audio innovators Chord Electronics Ltd  and Q Acoustics.



Aside from well known European names, they also have American brands such as JBL (James Bullough Lansing). I fell in-love with the JBL Action Sport Headphone.  It’s sweat-proof and has that tight grip that keeps them from falling off your ears. It’s just perfect for my running sesh and long distance races!

A. Refinery


jbl action headphone


A. Refinery is open at the UP Town Center from 11am – 9pm from Mondays thru Thursdays and 10am – 10pm every Friday and Saturday.  They are open everyday so there’s definitely no excuse not to drop-by to see, hear and experience sound at its finest!

For more information, visit and like their facebook page: www.facebook.com/ARefineryPH

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A. Refinery
Address: B338, UP Town Center
Brgy, UP Campus, Katipunan Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1108 Metro Manila

Starbucks Planner Personalized: Happy Anniversary!

Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page announced a sweet treat by giving your Starbucks Planner a name!

Starbucks Planner 2016 personalizedPhoto c/o Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page

If you are like me who can’t start the day right without coffee…who’s not patient and good in brewing my own pot of dark elixir, chances are, you already have one or two planners by now so this is a nice treat for you! Starbucks Philippines is celebrating its’ 18th year tomorrow (December 4th)  and they’re giving us a treat! You can bring your Starbucks Planner x Moleskine at Starbucks’ first store in the Philippines in 6750 to be stamped with your name or however you want to personalize it!

Some things to ponder before getting giddy!

  • You only have 12 hours tomorrow to get that Starbucks Planner stamped with your preferred name. That’s from 9AM to 9PM
  • This is only at Starbucks Store #1 in 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
  • First come, first serve basis
  • Due to the limited space available depending on the size of your planner, customized name is limited to 15 characters

This coffee junkie is excited to get his name on his Starbucks planners!

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From Spectrum to Spectre

It all started with a midnight sms from a friend asking if I have anything to do over the weekend and if I am in for some “laboy“. Of course I read it way later in the day.  I immediately agreed because I am a self-proclaimed kaladkarin. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to some of my telco’s adverts/notifications on some perks. We agreed, along with another common friend to meet at lunch time on Sunday (oh boy, this is a backlog) November 15!

whitespace manilaWhitespace Manila, Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo) Extension, Makati City

Jenn is not your typical friend (hahaha), so am I. Kaya kami nagkakasundo! She went ahead at the venue on her own and left Dexie and I negotiate how to get there…The hunt for Whitespace Manila came with a P 100 price tag! Hah! Not gonna complain.  While I always believed in the adventure of getting lost, it was not my intention to starve at lunch time in the middle of the humid metro. And so we end up flagging a cab from Cash & Carry to Pasong Tamo Extension in a place called Whitespace.

The call ended with us seeing Jenn on the phone across Mead Johnson Nutritionals giving us instructions on her whereabouts. And like a good host (her getting to the venue in advance and literally invited us to the event made her our host), she started by getting us our tickets. Yes, the fair isn’t free.  It came with a P 150 price tag which our good friends from Sun Cellular were willing to cover!

free tix from sun Spectrum Fair Manila co-presented by Sun Cellular
Tickets are free for  Sun Postpaid Subscribers and their 3 friends

The journey began when we entered the colorful doors of Whitespace Manila.

rainbow doors

veins and marksTagged! We are officially in!

Spectrum Fair Manila is dubbed as an indoor-outdoor bazaar. The 240 square meters of the literal white space was transformed into a live marketplace with an outdoor garden theme.  Given that Jenn sold us the idea of lunch at the fair, the first order of the day was to hunt for food…and Spectrum Fair Manila did not disappoint! There were a lot of food to feast on!

anatomy of a ricebowl

Grilled pork from the Ricing Bowl

Among the choices I had, the ad depicting the Anatomy of Ricing Bowl got me. It wasn’t fancy like the wagyu beef sandwich nor the sushi on the other side.  It was not as appealing as the oven roasted pork belly I’ve read or even the seafood paella in a humongous paella pan. It was the Ricing Bowl offer that got me. There were some bit of a miss with Ate’s listening that had me ending up with grilled pork over chicken. Anyway, Ricing Bowl’s anatomy of a rice bowl is like this.

The Salted Egg Sauce did not disappoint at P  149

The other finds were yummy too! Jenn and Dexie got themselves the wagyu beef with rice. I wanna try it too but I don’t have any antihistamines in my pocket (blame my unpopular allergy from beef).

crisp milkshake

While Toasted Marshmallows looked appealing in this ad, Jenn and Dexie opted for the more decadent Nutella S’mores Milkshake!

smores nutella milk shake

Nutella S’mores Milk Shake by Crisp

jenn and milkshakethe kid starting the attack on the the s’mores

more cotton candiesCotton candies anyone!

donut poppsMini donuts from Donut Poppa
Poppin’ Toppins’ made with love


If there’s one thing I love the most, it’s Walrus

Aside from the food we ate with so much enthusiasm, we loved the drinks! I took a sip of their cocktails. I liked it but I don’t feel like alcohol-izing my Sunday afternoon so I took the alternative. For P 80, I got their mojito mocktail – calamansi infused mojito minus the vodka. Truly refreshing and it was relaxing after a sumptuous lunch.

It wasn’t long before the rain began to pour so we decided to head home, not because we wanted to call it a day but to get to other commitments and plans we had individually. Dexie went to church and Jenn paid her bills. I on the other hand went to see Daniel Craig in his last Bond stint called Spectre.

Photo grabbed from Forbes.com


After all the chasing and all the action…007 is retiring? I’ve read the chismis…seen the movie…what do you want me to believe in?


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‘Good mornings’ and ‘Goodbyes’…

Good morning!

It all started with that smile! That “good morning” I get on my daily trip to the most convenient convenience store for my supply of bottled water. All along I was under the impression that the nice gesture was a standard protocol. Then, I was the only one to get that morning greeting considering there’s a whole bunch of customers coming and going…I don’t want to think I am special but as a courtesy, I make it a point to return the greetings every time with a smile or the same “good morning”…

You were always there every morning. You give me that greeting, that half smile, that genuine niceness. I’m not sure if it was just me or you really mean something more…then again, I am a moth that got lured by the fire…I got burned in the past so I am not kissing the fire again, only because getting burned is just too frightening…

I wasn’t sure if you left…or you just moved so we don’t see each other in the morning. I was holding back when you were here just because I do not want to kiss the fire and be burned. But now that you are gone, I don’t know if I should regret holding myself back…

you were at the back row watching, as always

I missed your “good morning”

I hoped to see you smile

You didn’t

You left without saying “goodbye”

so I kept your “Good Morning”…

It’s been a week or two, I don’t know. I’m getting by without you. but I still stop by. I still look behind the glass doors. I am still hoping to see you someday, if not today…

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