Flashback: The Spaghetti Factory, a walk away from work

I work in Makati and I find it odd that I am not able to even see the city.  My usual day would start at night (how ironic: what you get for working in a contact center) and would end up on a nauseating morning with the intention of hitting the sack before I hit the ground unconscious. Anyway, there are times when I am really stressed that I super duper need some rest and relaxation.  Once in a while my friends from The Poor Club would gather and find a place to unwind and get away from work even for just a number of meters…
It was supposed to be an drinking session with the team.  Unfortunately we had a bit of miscommunication that it ended with just Vinci and I walking along the Dela Rosa Walkway.  We had an early lunch at the Spaghetti Factory. We had a bit of Australian red wine and a plate of puttanesca.  We capped the lunch with a cup of latte.
My puttanesca
A view from the Veranda of The Spaghetti Factory – Glorieta 5
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