From Spectrum to Spectre

It all started with a midnight sms from a friend asking if I have anything to do over the weekend and if I am in for some “laboy“. Of course I read it way later in the day.  I immediately agreed because I am a self-proclaimed kaladkarin. Apparently, I wasn’t paying attention to some of my telco’s adverts/notifications on some perks. We agreed, along with another common friend to meet at lunch time on Sunday (oh boy, this is a backlog) November 15!

Whitespace Manila, Chino Roces (Pasong Tamo) Extension, Makati City

Jenn is not your typical friend (hahaha), so am I. Kaya kami nagkakasundo! She went ahead at the venue on her own and left Dexie and I negotiate how to get there…The hunt for Whitespace Manila came with a P 100 price tag! Hah! Not gonna complain.  While I always believed in the adventure of getting lost, it was not my intention to starve at lunch time in the middle of the humid metro. And so we end up flagging a cab from Cash & Carry to Pasong Tamo Extension in a place called Whitespace.

The call ended with us seeing Jenn on the phone across Mead Johnson Nutritionals giving us instructions on her whereabouts. And like a good host (her getting to the venue in advance and literally invited us to the event made her our host), she started by getting us our tickets. Yes, the fair isn’t free.  It came with a P 150 price tag which our good friends from Sun Cellular were willing to cover!

 Spectrum Fair Manila co-presented by Sun Cellular
Tickets are free for  Sun Postpaid Subscribers and their 3 friends

The journey began when we entered the colorful doors of Whitespace Manila.

Tagged! We are officially in!

Spectrum Fair Manila is dubbed as an indoor-outdoor bazaar. The 240 square meters of the literal white space was transformed into a live marketplace with an outdoor garden theme.  Given that Jenn sold us the idea of lunch at the fair, the first order of the day was to hunt for food…and Spectrum Fair Manila did not disappoint! There were a lot of food to feast on!

Grilled pork from the Ricing Bowl

Among the choices I had, the ad depicting the Anatomy of Ricing Bowl got me. It wasn’t fancy like the wagyu beef sandwich nor the sushi on the other side.  It was not as appealing as the oven roasted pork belly I’ve read or even the seafood paella in a humongous paella pan. It was the Ricing Bowl offer that got me. There were some bit of a miss with Ate’s listening that had me ending up with grilled pork over chicken. Anyway, Ricing Bowl’s anatomy of a rice bowl is like this.

The Salted Egg Sauce did not disappoint at P  149

The other finds were yummy too! Jenn and Dexie got themselves the wagyu beef with rice. I wanna try it too but I don’t have any antihistamines in my pocket (blame my unpopular allergy from beef).

While Toasted Marshmallows looked appealing in this ad, Jenn and Dexie opted for the more decadent Nutella S’mores Milkshake!

Nutella S’mores Milk Shake by Crisp

the kid starting the attack on the the s’mores

Cotton candies anyone!

Mini donuts from Donut Poppa
Poppin’ Toppins’ made with love

If there’s one thing I love the most, it’s Walrus

Aside from the food we ate with so much enthusiasm, we loved the drinks! I took a sip of their cocktails. I liked it but I don’t feel like alcohol-izing my Sunday afternoon so I took the alternative. For P 80, I got their mojito mocktail – calamansi infused mojito minus the vodka. Truly refreshing and it was relaxing after a sumptuous lunch.

It wasn’t long before the rain began to pour so we decided to head home, not because we wanted to call it a day but to get to other commitments and plans we had individually. Dexie went to church and Jenn paid her bills. I on the other hand went to see Daniel Craig in his last Bond stint called Spectre.

Photo grabbed from


After all the chasing and all the action…007 is retiring? I’ve read the chismis…seen the movie…what do you want me to believe in?



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