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air asia puerto prinsesa

Things can get whole lot busy when you are chasing after time and money. ^_^  I has at least one major race per month making training a bit frequent and traveling totally in the bag. Stuff at work makes the juggling a whole lot difficult. In the end, rather than getting things easy, I get the big word S-T-R-E-S-S.

Before the end of March I made sure that I catch up with life before work swallows me in it’s abyss. Air Asia Zest gave an opportunity. It was a split second decision. I clicked-clicked-clicked and poof! I reserved a round-trip ticket to Puerto Princesa – the gateway to the country’s last frontier.

calendar:marked, ticket:paid

Now this is my second time in Puerto Princesa (PPS); and that story of my first hasn’t been told…maybe I should start from there, where the dream of coming back began and the promise fulfilled…

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