Lost II: Wandering Aimlessly (Day 1)

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My first day was a tough day. All things in my checklist was ditched for a “hostel hunting”.  It was a very frustrating day…especially on one’s birthday! I was too tired to really roam around so I spent my time in my bunk the whole evening reading the stuff I got from the tourism station at the airport.

Top Bunk, Bed C, Room 2

I woke up late because I was not used to sleeping in a sort of “public” place. I always have the room for myself when I travel. It’s just that I am in a shoestring budget when I decided to wander out of the “Philippine Area of Responsibility” (parang bagyo lang!:))). Hence, backpacker’s hostel became the most apparent option!

First stop: Marina Bay

I did not intend to have my first stop at the Marina Bay.  It was my natural tendency to be lost that brought me there!

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel Resort – Casino

I hopped on the MRT hoping to go to Vivo City and get to Sentosa Island. I guess I took the wrong turn so my wandering feet followed the flow of people out of the Marina Bay Station. I walked as if I am a local and blended with the crowd.  Confident in the outside, uber worried and lost in the inside (parang M&Ms; lang!) And There I go! I walked past the mighty Marina Bay Corporate Center and Residence towards the lagoon where the Marina Bay Sands Hotel-Casino stands mighty and proud.

A closer look…

The park around the bay area looks great and refreshing!

The Fullerton Hotels

The Fullerton Bay Hotel

The wrong stop was the right stop after all.  My walking tour started by going around the bay in search for a better angle to shoot the enormous piece of art…err hotel. The walk introduced me to The Fullerton Bay Hotel and the more historic One Fullerton where I first saw and touched (may ganun!) a Lamborghini! It’s just sad that I didn’t get to have a photo (natakot ako baka bawal…hehehe)

The Fullerton Hotel

Did I forget to mention that the weather was bipolar?! One minute it was freakin’ hot and it gets wet a second after!

It’s like a scene in a movie where the darkness is slowly eating the light!

I took shelter under the shades of those posh cafes along the bay while continuously marveling at the sights.

The Merlion

The Merlion is Singapore’s Symbol, part lion-part fish mythical creature.  No tourist leaves this small state without having a photo with this famed creature! Not me! Well, not that I don’t want to.  It’s just that he’s having his beauty rest for his birthday celebration.

no tourist-y souvenir photo with the Merlion! T_T

Since I can’t unwrap the mythical beast, I settled for the baby merlion!

It may not be as fierce as the original, but it’s definitely more cute!

I got tired of walking! Yeah! The weather’s not really helping by being oh! so! humid plus I wanted to relax a bit. Because I was recently diagnosed with hepatomegaly, I haven’t been to Starbucks for quite some time and I felt I deserved to have a break. After all, this trip was a birthday celebration!

Cookie Crumble Frappe if I’m not mistaken
I want to buy one of those…but stopped…ANG MAHAL!

Starbucks at home is a bit pricey for me…much more here! A venti Cookie Crumble Frappe costs SG $8.00++!!! Oh well! It’s Singapore, where everything is supposed to be pricey (except maybe for gadgets).  I left my alco-gel here! and I couldn’t find a store that’s selling one, even at 7-Eleven!

Having my coffee fix, I wandered a bit more by the bay…

Esplanade…The durian theatre!
LV! Their shoppe is one of the two floating pavilions at the Marina Bay Shoppes
Underneath the bridge where you’ll find Starbucks.

I loved the al fresco ambiance of Starbucks…under the bridge. Sa ilalim ng tulay ay sosyal!

Singapore Flyer from afar
The Duck Tour…

The Duck Tour goes around the city like your usual tour bus and dives into the water like a duck to go around the bay…cool trick huh!

I wanted to see the world up at the Sky park so I headed towards the Helix Bridge where the heavy rain finally caught me right in the middle!

Trapped underneath a piece of fiber glass fixture…
putting emphasis on the complexity of this functional work of art

The Skypark, apparently has a fee…SG $20. The shoestring budget says no! So there I go…a bit disappointed but was determined to be back (whenever that may be). So I lounged along the ArtScience Museum.  That odd, lotus-like structure just outside the hotel.

The lotus pond outside

Again, since I am on a tight budget, I wanted to enjoy the sights without spending much! hahaha mahirap lang talaga! :)) The fee was SG $15-25, if I remember it right.  So I didn’t bother to take refuge inside the marvelous structure…

My wandering feet took me somewhere free…Gardens by the Bay!

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