Lost: Singapura Edition

the inn crowd backpackers hostel

I guess getting lost on the first day became a tradition whenever I travel solo. I spent almost four hours circling Iloilo City proper before landing on my bed at Ong Bun Pension last February.  And just the same, I spent hours finding my way to The Inn-Crowd Backpacker’s Hostel in Singapore recently…

#73 Dunlop Street, Singapore. The email said I can walk towards the hostel from Bugis MRT station.  I didn’t consider flagging a cab because I know that I am on a tight budget. I got myself a Singapore Tourist pass good for 3 days.  Yup! You can get the Singapore Tourist Pass from Changi International Terminal 2 MRT  station.

The Singapore Tourist Pass

You do not exactly purchase the pass but rather you rent it for SG$ 10.  I got mine good for 3 days of unlimited MRT and Bus ride! I guess at that point I was blessed to get lost in the city.  There’s nothing to worry about getting lost. I can ride the buses and trains without the fear of running out of dough! Anyway, the pass I got for 3 days is worth SG$ 20 plus the SG$ 10 rental deposit. The rental fee will be refunded if your return your pass within five days from the date it was issued.

I met some fellow first timers in the Lion City while we were in transit from Changi Budget Terminal to Terminal 2. We all hopped in and marveled at how cool the MRT system is!

Tanah Merah Interchange

We alighted at Tanah Merah Interchange and hopped on to another train (green line) heading towards the city.  I got off at the Bugis Station and was on my own!


I was confident that  I can find my hostel in a jiff…I took the my turn to Exit B and found my way out. I was wondering aimlessly and I couldn’t find the hostel.  I found G4 Backpacker’s hostel instead.  I consulted the email confirmation and checked the instructions.  There was supposed to be a map when you click the link.
Unfortunately, the ever prepared me printed the email confirmation and forgot about the map.  I was under the impression that it’s an easy find!

Luckily, I brought Ippie, the iPad. I can open the email and open the link to the map! ERRRR!!! I have no data coverage in Singapore! Epic fail #2! I was wandering aimlessly around Bugis street.  I passed by Sim Lim Square, Albert Mall, Bugis Village, The Raffles Hospital, The Parkway, and Little India.  I looked at my watch and it’s already 5:30 PM!

I sat on a park where a nearby church stands where it was less crowded.  I took a deep breath and was resigned to check in the nearest hotel I will come across with.  I opened the free map I took from the airport and started scanning. I searched each and every corner and I still couldn’t find Dunlop Street! I felt the sky falling hard on me! “Am I gonna sleep in the park?” “What if it rains or it’s prohibited to sleep in the park?”

Then I closed the map. Closed my eyes and asked God for guidance.  I asked Him to guide me.  Finding my hostel was the Birthday gift I asked the Lord…

When I opened my eyes, the sun was beginning to retreat.  I took a deep breath and headed down Albert Street Mall.  I decided to start from where I am supposed to – The Bugis MRT Station!..

The Re-Quest!

Originally, I took Exit B in Bugis Station and did not find the Hostel.  This time I decided to try getting out at Exit A, Victoria Street.

I just stepped in the escalator when I noticed the relatively big Local Map. The instant I stepped out of the “going up”escalator, like a kid, I hopped in the “going down” one!..I looked at the map and in less than a minute I found where Dunlop Street is! I took a good look at the map and the landmarks like taking a good picture. Dunlop street is next to Mayo and right across Sim Lim Tower! (I’ve passed by Sim Lim Tower a couple of times and did not notice it!)

Tracing the path I’ve taken a couple times was just too easy…I breezed through the streets and to my surprise I’ve found The Inn-Crowd Backpacker’s Hostel along other backpacker’s hostel.  It’s like a district full of it!

The Inn-Crowd Backpacker’s Hostel

I stepped in and informed the receptionist about my reservation…I hopped in my bed..I slept…

The Inn-Crowd Hostel Photo: from http://www.singapore-tourist-info.com

Marina Bay Gala

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