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After a very long day exploring Singapore (SG), I went home (The Inn-Crowd) to crash. I have new roomies! She just came out of the shower and was wearing only her undies! (the perks of being a backpacker’s hostel guest)… 😀 Her partner came and…(I’mma leave the rest of the details out…)

The next morning I was up very early to meet Des before leaving. Des used to be a co-analyst before she moved to SG in search of greener pasture.There was a bag of local goodies from a friend back home that I needed to deliver. Delivery boy lang ang peg LOL!

Si Des, ang QA analyst turned OFW sa SG

Hitting the road early in the morning, I hopped on the train to Tampines Station from Bugis. Des was waiting for me in front of Guardian convenience store at the train station. We exchanged pleasantries and walked towards the mall adjacent to the train station. It was nice seeing a friend where you are the foreigner. We talked about life as an OFW and our plans…

Before I left Manila for SG, I sort of joked about her giving me a treat.  When we met, she introduced me to Toast Box! I didn’t think it would make me love laksa soup more than I already have!

Spicy seafood laksa from Toast Box

The soup was ultra flavorful! the noodles were perfectly cooked and the seafood was to die for! While I savor the best laksa I’ve ever tasted, she had her sweet treat of a chocolate cake. I couldn’t recall what it’s called but here it is!

An unnamed cake from Toast Box

I think the red “thingie” is cherry…It looked decadent!

It was a lovely and super like na treat! Thanks again Des! Hope to see you soon when I get back!

Des and the Geek!

We really couldn’t stay long.  She has work and I have a plane to catch. So we parted ways after wishing good luck to each other.

I took the train back to Bugis to collect my stuff and buy some souvenirs before heading to Changi Budget Terminal. I bought some I [heart] SG shirts, ang walang kamatayang “key chain” and “ref magnets”. It was already 12PM and I needed to be at the airport to catch a 2:40 PM flight back to Manila! And so the Amazing Race began!

A perk of having the Your Singapore Tourist Pass is the unlimited train ride.  No more queue at the top up counters. I tapped my card as I enter Bugis Train station to Changi International Airport. It was a very long ride. I was restless while watching some Pinoy’s chi-chatting in the train.  At the Tanah Merah Interchange where I need to transfer to a train going to the airport, there was a relatively long stop. I couldn’t help myself from being worried…

As soon as I got off the train, I went to the ticket counter to refund the SG$10 rental deposit for the Tourist Pass. I raced towards Terminal 2 bus bay to catch the free bus to the Budget Terminal.

There were a lot of buses coming and going and yet they’re all going to the city! When finally, the free ride arrived, I hopped on and looked at my watch silently praying that I wouldn’t miss my flight! I arrived at the terminal hoping against all odds that I have not missed it! it was 1:30PM.  I searched the departure area for my check-in counter…Nothing seemed to mark as MNL…and my heart began to sink…I slowly approached the Cebu Pacific counter and asked when the counter will open.  I was told that it will open at 3:15M for flights bound for CLARK! Then I saw the departure chart…Flight 5J 899 was BOARDING! My heart finally failed and stopped beating! I missed my flight! I totally missed my flight…What am I supposed to do? –REBOOK! like I have any choice!

The ticket counters were open for Cebu Pacific and Tiger. If I am to rebook my ticket, it’s going to cost me ~SG$ 300! The re-booking fee was more expensive than the original ticket price! The ticketing agent offered an advise…buy a new ticket! Sounds logical at SG$ 189 (no baggage allowance except for the free 7kg hand carry). It was fine…I was buying a new ticket but they don’t accept credit cards!…I fished for my wallet only to find out that I only have a few dollars left. But I don’t wanna stay. I’m already frustrated and scared at the same time that I just wanted to go home and sleep!

The Emergency Fund! With a heavy heart I opened the brown envelope and walked a long way to the arrival area to buy some more dollars! I ended up with SG$259 in hand.  I came back and asked how much it will cost if I decide to purchase a baggage allowance. The answer wasn’t too favorable that I just have to swallow and attempt for a Go Lite ticket hoping that my baggage wouldn’t go over 7kg. After I bought the ticket, I went straight to the weighing scale where I discovered that my total baggage weighs ~11.09kg! And there goes the panic mode!

I had to find a seat while waiting for the check in counter to open before I collapse for running out of options as the hours passed…

The experience was extensive and such an eye opener…I met people and seen a lot.  There’s also those things that I will miss…like the disciplined citizens, the posh places, the efficient MRT and a whole lot of the island. This was the first time I missed my flight… The greatest lesson I’ve learned the hard way…

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  1. Many thanks for sharing your experiences with others. You’re really creating a difference.

  2. The Digital Bridges
    August 14, 2015

    You’re certainly one of a type blogger in this field. Continue the work. It’ll pay off.


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