My new outlook

With Nikkie and Sergio along with Ippie and Shuffie, I will explore the world.  

Yep! Nikkie is my 2-year old DSLR while Sergio is my very trusted TNF backpack.  Shuffie is my iPod shuffle and iPpie is my new baby, my iPad. Together we will conquer the world one destination at a time.  
Because I was not born with a silver spoon, I was deprived of the liberty to roam the world.  I grew up dreaming of going to places and tasting the flavors of the world. They were pictures that can never be a reality. They were reminders of how my life was miserable and low. 
2011 is my sister’s last semester in school.  I will have more time and finances to spend to somehow make the dream a reality. 
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