Ong Bun Pension House: My Official Iloilo Residence

A place to stay is one of the primary concerns when traveling. I’m quite “maarte” when it comes to accommodations.  I generally prefer a room with a private “loo” and if not too much, an air conditioning unit!

I booked my Iloilo flight sometime last July.  I thought there was a lot of time to research, budget and finalize an itinerary. Time flies as they say.  Ayun! before I know it, it’s time to fly na pala!. I had barely a week to find myself a place to stay while in Iloilo.  I’ve read numerous blogs and articles online.  I found Ong Bun Pension House. I was surprised to learn that they have one of the cheapest rates.  I began investigating what they offer. Would you believe that the cheapest room they have costs P 150 a night! What’s the catch?  Well…It’s a fan room and communal toilet and bath.

I’ve read a number of bad reviews after I finalized my reservation online.  A lot was said about how old the building is and misleading information from their website.  Customer service was one of the flaws mentioned too.  So I did not expect too much about the place.  I have to time to cancel the reservation and find a new one so I just hoped for the best and did not expect much.

I arrived in SM Iloilo (the end point of the shuttle service from the airport) at lunch time.  After having a sumptuous meal, I went to find my way to Ong Bun Pension House (which has a story of its own). I sent an SMS to the Pension House’s contact detail to ask for directions.  Apparently, SM Iloilo is sitting on the outskirts of the city proper near Jaro. I took a jeepney ride to the center of the city and found my way to Ong Bun Pension House.

The Pension House’s Lobby

The lobby was quite busy when I arrived.  I confirmed my reservation.  I signed the registration form just like any other hotels I’ve been in. I paid for the first night and got my key.

Room 101 on the ground floor.

Room 101: L-R Aircon Remote, Light switch,  Power key card

The room came with a pitcher and glass as well as a cup and flask for hot water.  Free hot and cold drinking water in every floor. Hence, the pitcher and flask. That’s a welcome surprise for me.  Although I don’t smoke, an ash tray is also available.

my messy bed pagdating ko,  Sobrang pagod!

The room was cool and clean. So is the bathroom.

Some things I wish could have been better are as follows:

  • The blue blanket was comfortable but I don’t think it’s well washed. 
  • The linens were not as white.  Maarte lang.  
  • The walls were totally bare. They could have at least hanged some cheap framed piece of art to create a home-away-from-home feel.
  • Toiletries were not included. I was not expecting some so I brought my own.  I was somehow used to having them available.
  • No shower curtain to separate the toilet and the bathing space. 
  • The bathroom floor was not angled to contain water from the shower to go down the drain. When I am taking a bath, the water is flowing in every direction. 

Overall, my two day stay has been comfortable.  I’d say the P495 a night rate was fair. Actually, it’s still cheap. 

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  1. Anonymous
    January 11, 2013

    good place if you are looking for cheap ones

    August 13, 2015

    After reading this post, I’m like I really can trust you.


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