Bohol: Communing with History and Nature

I woke up early the next morning after a tiring tour of Tagbilaran on foot. I was happy to  hear the quiet hum of the air conditioning unit rather than the honks of impatient drivers in the busy streets of… Continue Reading

Exploring Tagbilaran City

 Boarding Pass: Seat 28F. Window seat pa rin 🙂  After my first leisure travel experience in Cebu last March, I have grown the habit of visiting the local budget airline sites such as that of Airphil Express, Cebu Pacific… Continue Reading

Short journey to Nueva Ecija

After my grand solo backpacking in Tagbilaran, the island city of Bohol and a month-long absence in my hometown, I decided to pack Serge with my Nikkie and Ippie along with a bunch of sweets I bought from my recent… Continue Reading

The beginning of a great journey home

I just landed on my bed at Taver’s Pension House after a few minutes drive from Tagbilaran Airport. Room #6…I wonder why I ended up in this room. Somehow I feel at home… I boarded Airphil Express at exactly 9:09… Continue Reading

Paying the Queen a visit

**Finally, after a gazillion years I am able to post some parts of our Cebu trip. Crazy work schedule made it difficult to even gather my wits and the strength to pound the keyboard. It was a bumpy ride to the… Continue Reading