The beginning of a great journey home

I just landed on my bed at Taver’s Pension House after a few minutes drive from Tagbilaran Airport. Room #6…I wonder why I ended up in this room. Somehow I feel at home… I boarded Airphil Express at exactly 9:09… Continue Reading

Paying the Queen a visit

**Finally, after a gazillion years I am able to post some parts of our Cebu trip. Crazy work schedule made it difficult to even gather my wits and the strength to pound the keyboard. It was a bumpy ride to the… Continue Reading

The dawn of my solo backpacking…

With so much drama at work since March, my writing has been delayed.  I have a lot of things in my plate that I become too tired to strike that keyboard to tell the tales of my travels in the… Continue Reading

In for some more delays…

When I started this space I was in too much excitement. It was the hight of my hype over my first air travel to Cebu. I was happy that after so many years of dreaming of going to places I… Continue Reading

What a delay

No! It’s. Not that an of my travel or flights were delayed or something. It’s me having a grand delay in posting my advntures in the Queen City of the South. It’s the pictures that’s causing the delay. I have… Continue Reading