Let’s Cebu ourselves!

Let’s Cebu ourselves! Got the statement from one of  my colleagues. Like him, it’s my maiden voyage by air.  Wala pong basagan ng trip! LOLz…There’s always a first for everyone.  After all, this is my first opportunity to travel for pleasure.… Continue Reading

Flashback: The Spaghetti Factory, a walk away from work

I work in Makati and I find it odd that I am not able to even see the city.  My usual day would start at night (how ironic: what you get for working in a contact center) and would end… Continue Reading


March 12, 2011 will be my first attempt to travel by air.  Hence, it will be my first time on board a plane. 🙂 I will try to look back at the simple places I’ve been before I jumpstart on… Continue Reading

Traveler by heart

I have always been fascinated by the wonders of the world be it natural or man-made.  It has been an eternal goal to travel, however I have too much responsibilities to take care of. I am chained by these responsibilities… Continue Reading

My new outlook

With Nikkie and Sergio along with Ippie and Shuffie, I will explore the world.   Yep! Nikkie is my 2-year old DSLR while Sergio is my very trusted TNF backpack.  Shuffie is my iPod shuffle and iPpie is my new… Continue Reading