Hulugan Falls: Chasing and letting go

Hulugan Falls

Hulugan, my second shot at chasing waterfalls after Daranak and Batlag in Tanay, Rizal. What started as one-time shot in re-exploring the adjacent province of Rizal has become a journey to what seems to be an infinite search for falling waterways…… Continue Reading

A weekend of everything that flies

“A weekend of everything that flies” Yes, it was a weekend and I was there to see flights…and now I wonder if it was just balloons I wanna see fly… the burning horizon at the break of dawn Clark Field,… Continue Reading

Mampurog River: A first taste of Bicolandia

Last September, before the remaining drop of sanity was whisked away by the year-end madness from work, I kissed the maiden of the Southern Tagalog… and I was captivated by sheer simplicity… A friend was taking her soon-to-be husband (now they’re… Continue Reading

Batlag + Daranak Falls: When I go chasing waterfalls

Batlag Falls – sitting at the upstream of the more popular Daranak Falls, unassuming yet charming. How we ended up there was a bit of a novelty.    The song goes… “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…please stick to the rivers and… Continue Reading

Starbucks Planner Personalized: Happy Anniversary!

Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page announced a sweet treat by giving your Starbucks Planner a name! Photo c/o Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page If you are like me who can’t start the day right without coffee…who’s not patient and good in brewing… Continue Reading