Starbucks Planner Personalized: Happy Anniversary!

Starbucks Philippines’ Facebook page announced a sweet treat by giving your Starbucks Planner a name! Photo c/o Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page If you are like me who can’t start the day right without coffee…who’s not patient and good in brewing… Continue Reading

From Spectrum to Spectre

It all started with a midnight sms from a friend asking if I have anything to do over the weekend and if I am in for some “laboy“. Of course I read it way later in the day.  I immediately… Continue Reading

Starbucks’ “Red Cups” and the “Christmas Panettone Latte” have arrived!

The moment I read that the Italian journal maker Moleskine is this year’s maker of the traditional Starbucks Planner, I have been too excited! Starbucks’ coffee and I have a very long-standing relationship. Starbucks keeps me alive everyday making sure I am… Continue Reading

‘Good mornings’ and ‘Goodbyes’…

Good morning! It all started with that smile! That “good morning” I get on my daily trip to the most convenient convenience store for my supply of bottled water. All along I was under the impression that the nice gesture was a… Continue Reading

Caliraya 360: Surviving the “Hells” of Laguna

If you are going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill Churchill’s words perfectly summed up how I survived Caliraya 360. Hell is one thing, getting through hell is another. When I signed up for Caliraya 360, I was aware… Continue Reading