From Spectrum to Spectre

It all started with a midnight sms from a friend asking if I have anything to do over the weekend and if I am in for some “laboy“. Of course I read it way later in the day.  I immediately… Continue Reading

Starbucks’ “Red Cups” and the “Christmas Panettone Latte” have arrived!

The moment I read that the Italian journal maker Moleskine is this year’s maker of the traditional Starbucks Planner, I have been too excited! Starbucks’ coffee and I have a very long-standing relationship. Starbucks keeps me alive everyday making sure I am… Continue Reading

‘Good mornings’ and ‘Goodbyes’…

Good morning! It all started with that smile! That “good morning” I get on my daily trip to the most convenient convenience store for my supply of bottled water. All along I was under the impression that the nice gesture was a… Continue Reading

Caliraya 360: Surviving the “Hells” of Laguna

If you are going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill Churchill’s words perfectly summed up how I survived Caliraya 360. Hell is one thing, getting through hell is another. When I signed up for Caliraya 360, I was aware… Continue Reading

Rumours got me

Rumours…a story of an uncertain or doubtful truth. I was too dumb to notice, there was something about you How are you suppose to see things, if only you knew… ~lyrics from the song Stuck, Darren Espanto Maybe it’s just… Continue Reading