Caliraya 360: Surviving the “Hells” of Laguna

If you are going through hell, keep going – Winston Churchill Churchill’s words perfectly summed up how I survived Caliraya 360. Hell is one thing, getting through hell is another. When I signed up for Caliraya 360, I was aware… Continue Reading

Rumours got me

Rumours…a story of an uncertain or doubtful truth. I was too dumb to notice, there was something about you How are you suppose to see things, if only you knew… ~lyrics from the song Stuck, Darren Espanto Maybe it’s just… Continue Reading

Morning Alug•bati

This morning’s breakfast was not something special.  No it’s not some continental brekky nor any Asian morning delight. It’s salad alright, one of my mother’s kitchen concoctions. Fresh from her garden she tossed and turned a delightful salad. Basella alba is… Continue Reading

How I broke a relationship that never was

adobo solibao

How do you say goodbye to a stranger?  On the fourth day the sky finally had its fill of empathy for this broken heart. The seemingly eternal downpour dissipated into a morning mist while the golden rays of Mr. Sun… Continue Reading

Journey to my first Full Marathon

When I started running back in 2013, I strongly admire those I have seen finishing long distance categories. I never saw myself crossing finish lines like they did.  It just doesn’t seem possible for someone like me. I can think… Continue Reading