Volante: a Pizza Party for One

salmon pizza by pizza Volante

After the sweet kind of breakfast from Tsokolateria, the rain did not stop this birthday boy (man) from wandering around Session Road. Armed with a flimsy umbro from Watson’s, a fleece jacket, hiking sandals and a mobile phone, I ventured into… Continue Reading

How my Birthday started at Tsokolateria

menu tsokolateria

It’s been almost a month now… Just when the celebratory mood for my birthday started to go down the drain with the seemingly unending shower in Baguio City last July, I began to see the pot of gold at the… Continue Reading

Caliraya 360: Will I Survive the Hills of Laguna?

Caliraya 360 2015

With the very advanced registration for this year’s Run United Philippine Marathon happening in October, I feel like I need to scale up my training to get my legs ready for another full marathon (my 3rd for 2015). July has been… Continue Reading

Eating Session Road Series: Oh My Gulay

oh my gulay omelet pansit gulay

Your words are my food, your breath my wine.  You are everything to me. – Sarah Bernhardt The monsoon affair was nourished by the eternal rain, shared umbrella, gastronomic adventures and a bucket of light beer along Session Road. This… Continue Reading

A Monsoon Affair

“Is romance a part of your travel?” they asked. I said “No…” then flashed my all-knowing smile. ‘Is it?’ I asked myself a number of times after my vehement denial. I was thinking…rather, hoping to find peace amidst the chaos… Continue Reading