A weekend at the Museum

National Museum of the Philippines

Manila, Philippines — browsing mindlessly, eyes caught up something interesting over the internet. It was an announcement that the National Museum has opened its doors for free to celebrate the National Heritage Month. Unfortunately, the reader was a bit late… Continue Reading

Riding Magdalena (river rafting and water tubing)

river rafting magdalena laguna

Let me get this out before the memories fade like the rest of 2014… Magdalena, Laguna – and I have no idea where it is until yesterday. Because it is Memorial Day today and we have a long weekend, I… Continue Reading

Hello! It’s been a while

air asia puerto prinsesa

Things can get whole lot busy when you are chasing after time and money. ^_^  I has at least one major race per month making training a bit frequent and traveling totally in the bag. Stuff at work makes the… Continue Reading

what a journey it has been

Like the blank 2013 planner, I was wishing or more like hoping for more adventures. I planned trips that will definitely tickle my senses-visual, auditory and taste! I’ve written plans, browsed articles while waiting for that next BIG PISO Fare!… Continue Reading

Running: New way to explore and travel

Traveling is fun… Running is fun… Running while traveling is twice the fun! As I look back at 2013, I do not have anything to consider as “travel” activity. I was saving up for my “Great South East Asian Adventure”… Continue Reading