Manokan Country! Where you can never be wrong on chicken

Manokan Country The first thing that crosses my mind about Bacolod is “chicken inasal” or better known as “inato” in the local language. All the stuff I read, all the recommendations I collected pointed to one direction… Manokan Country. The… Continue Reading

Hello to the City of Smiles!

Relatively fresh from Singapore, I packed my backpack again with the basics…Lightweight clothes and not to forget Nikkie. Where to? Where else but to the City of Smiles!… After the very quick UAT (testing) in the office, I went home… Continue Reading

I started running…I failed to write…

Some of the very few who has been reading this “space” asked why I stopped writing…What’s with the hiatus? I stopped (or rather taken a break) not because I ran out of words to say…not because I stopped traveling…not because… Continue Reading

cheap place to stay in the City of Smiles: Ong Bun Pension

Raving over the low cost air travel courtesy of Airphil Express (now PAL Express), my traveling feet got giddy again and my fingers took a few minutes to get myself a flight to and from the city of Smiles –… Continue Reading

Going Home was a toughie

Unlike all the flights I’ve been in, the trip to Singapore has the most unforgettable firsts… SG was my first overseas trip. Staying in The Inn-Crowd Hostel was my first non-private accommodation. The trip to SG graced my new passport… Continue Reading