Pre-Holy Week Visita Iglesia: Miag-ao Church

miag-ao church iloilo

I was beginning to worry “big time” when all the jeeps passing by the waiting shed were south bound and nothing was heading back to the city. At nearly four  in the afternoon, the sun was still unforgiving while the ground was doing great in reflecting the golden rays. Soaking in sweat I patiently waited while trying to find a signal for my mobile phone. A bus stopped and I looked at the sign with disinterest (knowing that it’s going some place else) and voila! — A bus going to Iloilo City!

I took the ordinary bus.  I was standing on the aisle near the door.  I didn’t care if I get thrown in all direction.  I made sure that my feet was firmly planted on the floor.  It’s really not easy with a tripod on one hand and a camera bag dangling.  The bus was packed and it’s speeding like a roller coaster on the road! I only paid P15 from San Joaquin to Miag-ao, my next destination.

Miag-ao Church before sunset

The Church of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva is an Agustinian-built church and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mainly in Baroque style, it has a local feel due to the bas-relief (coconut tree) facade and the materials used.  It is made of carbonaceous limestone of soft yellow ochre color indigenous to the area.

If the sun in San Joaquin was unforgiving, the clouds in Miag-ao couldn’t hold their tears. It was cloudy and drizzling.

Miag-ao Church is one of the most amazing house of worship I have seen so far.  The artistic reliefs with Pinoy influence while the western grandeur blends in the yellowish color.  The sunset would have made it gold and glowing if it wasn’t for the sad weather.

before the rain
Historical Marker

The rain kept me from taking more shots. I wish I could have stayed longer.  When I get back to Iloilo, I will certainly visit Miag-ao Church again.  This time I will take more pictures and will try to get in.

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