Going Home was a toughie

Unlike all the flights I’ve been in, the trip to Singapore has the most unforgettable firsts…

SG was my first overseas trip.
Staying in The Inn-Crowd Hostel was my first non-private accommodation.
The trip to SG graced my new passport with the first ever immigration stamp.
I missed my flight.

Missing my flight was the highlight of the entire trip. It gave me a lot of learnings where the lessons were tough and there were no short cuts.

The Go Lite ticket only allowed 7kgs of hand-carry baggage.  My backpack weighed ~11++kg…Just because I couldn’t afford paying a whole lot more than an arm for the excess baggage, I went to the rest room to figure my game plan…

The Weight Obstacle–I changed my shirt.  Instead of wearing the adidas tech shirt, I wore a 100% cotton shirt and put on my jacket even when the temp’s at 30 degrees (C).

I took out iPpie (the iPad) and Nikkie (the camera for me to hand carry including the tripod. I went back to the weighing scale and it tipped at 5.++ kg. That was fantastic! I told myself. hehehe. I breezed through the check in…and there I was at the waiting lounge…

And because there was a whole lot of things that just happened, I felt robbed for some reason.  It stressed me that I decided to eat and be merry!

Chicken and soya

With a lot of food stalls in the holding area, I ordered pork lechon kawali with soy glaze! The presentation was less appealing but the taste was good! Then  came the boarding call…

Tiger, Kelan ka mase-sale?

It was sunny, it was late in the afternoon and I was stressed and sleepy. The aircraft started to taxi and there goes Singapore!

ang takip-silim sa himpapawid

I bade goodbye to the Lion City with high hopes of coming back.  I vowed to have more preparation and fund! and to NEVER MISS THE FLIGHT!…

I arrived in Manila early evening at around 7 or 8 PM.

My passport got it’s 4th stamp!

It was raining and I was tired…I slept on the cold marble floor of NAIA Terminal 3 because I don’t want to spend the night in the middle of traffic due to flooded streets. It will just make me miss Singapore more! I waited for the rain to stop until early morning! …It didn’t stop.  It just went on and on! I came home very wet…

My soaking wet Sergio

sign 3

Gardens by the bay [Bay South Garden]

On a shoestring budget, my birthday treat to myself was full of fun and (mis)adventures. Jumping off at the wrong stop has never been this right. After discovering that the Sky garden is a difficult climb, my wandering feet led me to a trail under the bridge where I discovered “a world of wonders”…one of Singapore’s National Gardens-The Bay South Gardens.

I discovered it by accident.  It was never in my “supposed” itinerary. I was contemplating on crossing the river to the Singapore Flyer.

The Singapore Flyer

Yep! just right across the river…Something caught my attention when I turned to the other direction. Huge tree-like contraptions and glass domes.

Flower Dome

The curious me could not resist the desire to discover. Wandering by the bay I found the answer.

Gardens by the Bay has a diverse range of vegetation from every continent except Antactica of course! (unless there’s been a newly discovered patch of vegetation underneath the ice).

There are two domes. The Flower Dome, which obviously houses the various flowers across the globe in a controlled environment. They have a thousand-year-old olive trees from Europe!

The second dome is quite interesting.  Its the Cloud Dome. No. It’s doesn’t house clouds. LOL. It’s the vegetation from the highlands and a 35 meter man-made waterfalls.

Super Trees and the ultra modern dome

The Garden has Super Trees! These are the trees of the future! LOL. Nah! They’re man-made nets of steel. Dramatic vertical plant displays. There’s a 22-meter high Skyway too that links some of the Super Trees together so you can have a bird’s eye view of the vast garden. These Super Trees are more spectacular at night when they light up!

Some BIG tutubi!

The Dragonfly Lake.It’s right across the Marina Bay Sands and ilang tumbling from the Bayfront MRT station! Cool and peaceful place.

Other things to see in this HUGE garden.

A loner bull in the midst of a grass land
Tribal masks
The Insect Colony
Spitting lion?
some sort of a Zen garden

“Whether you’re looking to get up close with exotic species in the Cooled Conservatories, marvel at towering vertical gardens or learn about the intricacies of plant life in the themed gardens, there’s plenty to see–perhaps more than you can fit in a day!” [Gardens by the Bay]

Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Garden Drive, Singapore 018953

Sentosa Island

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