Rumours got me

Rumours…a story of an uncertain or doubtful truth.

I was too dumb to notice, there was something about you
How are you suppose to see things, if only you knew…

~lyrics from the song Stuck, Darren Espanto

Maybe it’s just my story…my version where dreams or better yet, delusions are considered the truth.

Ironically, I was stepping down the stairs to reach the ‘upstairs’ when I found you and your flimsy umbrella. You were wearing that smile again. And without any second thoughts, the short journey along the Igorot Stairs became an ascent towards Session Road.

The day was an eternal dusk. The sky with its never-ending tears and the mountains with its freezing frenzy gave us more reasons to take our steps twice as much. Then there was Solibao and it’s Ilocos empanada fresh from the pan, soaking the brown bags holding them.  Just like your company on this sojourn, the empanadas were warm.  It quickly filled the hollowness inside. While the empanadas filled the emptiness of the heart, the Benguet brew washed away the remaining doubt that maybe there was something to hope for.

The clock ticked and the night quietly arrived. The sky never ceased to cry and my heart was filled with illusions that there could be something…

We sat comfortably in the cozy bar along Session Road sharing a bucket of beer over Sisig pizza. We talked about life and anything in between. Rumours was surrounded with wood. It gave the small place the right kind of warmth while the air was filled with some chill kind of music to go with the laid back feel. We watched people come and go. The moments of silence were for our hearts to finally have that conversation.  Funny that we kind of understand each other even in our silence.

sisig pizza rumours baguio session road
The pizza was like having sisig on bread. But it went really well with the beer.

You were kind, that’s for sure.  You gave my heart a bit of reprieve and maybe hope that I get to find someone more than willing to fix me and not just ease the pain of getting shattered. It was in the quiet moments when the bitter-sweet liquid soothe the throat that the heart finally understood what words cannot make sense of…

The bottles were upside-down in the bucket. The pan…err…plate cleared. We took a deep breath and stepped out in the rain under your flimsy umbro. It was a bit early in the night yet it felt like an eternity.

All the butterflies I felt inside never really mattered
Wishful thoughts and sudden smiles end up being shattered…

And that moment we stared that night, I thought I was right.
but maybe I was wrong all along…

I held onto something that never really mattered

I’m still silently, quietly hoping you’ll end up with me…

I closed my eyes, shut the thoughts out and succumb to the darkness of the night as the sky shed more tears…Silently, quietly…the heart still held that strand of hope that the morning light will clear the cobwebs in the empty space in my heart like how I hope for a bright, clear sky…

Rumours Bar
Session Road, Baguio City
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