Going Home was a toughie

Unlike all the flights I’ve been in, the trip to Singapore has the most unforgettable firsts…

SG was my first overseas trip.
Staying in The Inn-Crowd Hostel was my first non-private accommodation.
The trip to SG graced my new passport with the first ever immigration stamp.
I missed my flight.

Missing my flight was the highlight of the entire trip. It gave me a lot of learnings where the lessons were tough and there were no short cuts.

The Go Lite ticket only allowed 7kgs of hand-carry baggage.  My backpack weighed ~11++kg…Just because I couldn’t afford paying a whole lot more than an arm for the excess baggage, I went to the rest room to figure my game plan…

The Weight Obstacle–I changed my shirt.  Instead of wearing the adidas tech shirt, I wore a 100% cotton shirt and put on my jacket even when the temp’s at 30 degrees (C).

I took out iPpie (the iPad) and Nikkie (the camera for me to hand carry including the tripod. I went back to the weighing scale and it tipped at 5.++ kg. That was fantastic! I told myself. hehehe. I breezed through the check in…and there I was at the waiting lounge…

And because there was a whole lot of things that just happened, I felt robbed for some reason.  It stressed me that I decided to eat and be merry!

Chicken and soya

With a lot of food stalls in the holding area, I ordered pork lechon kawali with soy glaze! The presentation was less appealing but the taste was good! Then  came the boarding call…

Tiger, Kelan ka mase-sale?

It was sunny, it was late in the afternoon and I was stressed and sleepy. The aircraft started to taxi and there goes Singapore!

ang takip-silim sa himpapawid

I bade goodbye to the Lion City with high hopes of coming back.  I vowed to have more preparation and fund! and to NEVER MISS THE FLIGHT!…

I arrived in Manila early evening at around 7 or 8 PM.

My passport got it’s 4th stamp!

It was raining and I was tired…I slept on the cold marble floor of NAIA Terminal 3 because I don’t want to spend the night in the middle of traffic due to flooded streets. It will just make me miss Singapore more! I waited for the rain to stop until early morning! …It didn’t stop.  It just went on and on! I came home very wet…

My soaking wet Sergio

sign 3