the accidental hiatus is almost over

Okay, so my trusted Neo retired a couple of months ago. iPpie the iPad and Sammie, my good old Galaxy SII has been serving my need to be present online all the time.  Unfortunately, they cannot, in any form or shape fulfill that role of keeping my sanity as I pen the lost stories of my 2012 journey.

Oh yes! 2012…My Bacolod story already turned one last September and I have not been able to write more than 50% of the (mis)adventures! Then there’s the stormy Palawan adventure back in December! Oh boy! I am really falling behind!


For the purpose of catching up with all the backlogs, my good old self has decided to officially let go of Neo…like officially retiring his six (6) years of dedication and hard work. It was finally time to lay him to rest in peace. 

Last week, I met Nina Ativa. She was gorgeously slim and sexy! She was like a dream come true. She was everything I was looking for…err…well, I have been dreaming and drooling over Mac. Hey, Nina is somewhere close to reality than Mac. I took the chance to touch her, caress her silky smooth curves…we were just meant to be! At the end of the day, she was mine!

There! that’s the story…:D Why “almost”? Well, Nina and I are still in the honeymoon stage. Pretty much getting to know each other, finding all those dots that connects us…Give us a couple of more days… or a week maybe…and we’ll be working together to build those sweet stories of my journey across the seas…




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