The dawn of my solo backpacking…

With so much drama at work since March, my writing has been delayed.  I have a lot of things in my plate that I become too tired to strike that keyboard to tell the tales of my travels in the Queen City of the South.  Working as an analyst for a BPO company posted so much demands that I wanted to get away from it once in a while.
One Sunday morning while attempting to cram wrapping up the month of May with tons of reviews and report backlogs, my tired fingers trailed the keys to get to  I just found myself booking a flight bound to and from Tagbilaran City, the portal to the famous land of Chocolate Hills. Well the travel period is still far from May/June so I have time to save up for expenses and research the cheapest deals.  I found the Php 569 Sunday Sale. I wasn’t that excited because I got my mom a flight to Davao for Php 464 round-trip fare.  What surprised me was the 299 fare after I played around with the dates! Plus of course those deal breaking fuel charges and other charges.  But since I was in a slump and wanted a little break I booked the flight anyway.  I ended up paying a total of Php 1,200++.  Well it’s still not bad.
Printing the e-ticket made me realize that I am traveling alone.  When I started traveling this year I was with friends.  Now I am heading to a destination on my own.  Well, my backpack, my camera my iPad and I….I am still considering my tripod.  I’m not sure how to deal with the airport authorities and regulations about bringing a tripod.  I had issues with my umbrella the last time . LOL
Anyway, I have a lot of researching to do since I will be on my own on this trip.  I am excited (that I couldn’t hide) since I hit the purchase button on Airphil Express site. At the same time I am afraid.  I am on my own on a strange land.  Strange because I haven’t been there…I am praying for good weather and a good trip…
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