The hurried trip to Sentosa Island

The original itinerary was to head to Sentosa Island as early as seven in the morning. And since I had a birthday hang over, I woke up late and was out of the hostel at around nine! To top the very late out of schedule gala, I got off the wrong train and stop! I spent more than half of the day getting lost along the Marina Bay…(no regrets though).

The rain kept me from moving on from the Marina Bay.  I didn’t have much time to ride the Flyer. 🙁 I took the train at the Bayfront Station and went on a 1-hour journey(end to end) to Vivo City.

Sentosa Island as seen from the viewing deck of the Vivo City

Vivo City was nice. I love their viewing deck,. It’s overlooking the Sentosa Island which can be reached via a bridge/boardwalk, monorail and cable cars!

Since it was quite late and the trip was sort of a hurried one, I bought myself a monorail ticket for SG $3.50 (if I remember it right).  The ticket was good for the round trip transportation to and from the island. I disembarked at the first station because of all the things I want to see in the Island was the Universal Studios.

The famed Universal Studios Globe!

I was willing to spend SG $69 to explore the theme park. USS was in my bucket list for this SG trip.  However, given that I came here when the day’s almost over, I decided to scratch it out because it’s not worth it. I wish came a lot earlier for me to maximize the time. I vowed to go back next year!

With USS out of the list, I explored the island…

The Merlion–candy look
Hershey’s choco store!

I love Hershey’s! Unfortunately, I am on a diet to control my sugar intake.  So I just enjoyed the scent and the sight of this rich chocoley-tee outlet.

The Universal Studios Singapore-I will be back.

I will pass through this gate…That I promise!

And I felt the revolution in my intestine…

And more gala…

The Waterfront

I spent a lot of time just watching the rotating US icon. Trying to figure out how I can get a picture of myself with it as a background…(the disadvantage of a soloist).

And there I was! (di marunong tumayming si kuya)

A group of tourists asked me to have their picture taken.  I grabbed the opportunity to have mine taken too! Unfortunately, the guy who took my photo didn’t bother to wait for the perfect angle before shooting! Oh well!

Adam and Eve (Hotel Michael)

Hotels around the island…

The Thinker
Resorts World
The huge Merlion

The Merlion at the Sentosa Island doesn’t spit a jet of water but you can climb up and get a view of the island from its mouth…

If there’s a mini Merlion at the Marina Bay, there’s one in Sentosa too.

The mini-Merlion in Sentosa is a whole lot cuter! If I could just bring it home!

The Merlion light show at night!

Around the Merlion is a small pond and waterfalls at the back.

bells…nothing special!

At the back of the Merlion statue is a long walk…leading to the bells.
After the bells is the winding ramp down to the beach area….

Happy 40th Sentosa!

The iFly indoor skydiving…Because I am in a shoestring budget, I vowed (again) to try this one out when I get back.

Siloso Beach and the busy Singapore shoreline

Just a few steps  form iFly is the Siloso Beach.  I’ve never been to a beach with sand this fine! powdery and soft! (disclaimer: I haven’t been to Boracay. No point of comparison)

Tired but Happy

The night was still young but I was afraid to be out in a strange land late night. Besides, I don’t even know what time the MRT closes so I decided to pack my tripod and head back to Bugis

I needed to be extremely early the following day because I have to meet Des before going back to Manila. And getting back to Manila was another big story…

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