Traveler by heart

I have always been fascinated by the wonders of the world be it natural or man-made.  It has been an eternal goal to travel, however I have too much responsibilities to take care of. I am chained by these responsibilities that it is never too easy to just wonder off and get lost in the beauty and grandeur of traveling. Despite such hurdle, I am positive that before I surrender to the “light” I will have a piece of that grandeur. 
After nearly 28 years on this earth, I have never in my life traveled for pure pleasure. Sure, I tag along friends or family when there are gatherings but these did not give me the opportunity to explore places and savor  the  various flavors their respective cuisines has to offer.  For years I have been contented watching and reading National Geographic as well as the Discovery:Travel and Adventure.  I dreamed about the places and made itineraries for each destination.  None of these itineraries became a reality…not even close.  
2011, March–things will change.  I will no longer dream about traveling. I will hold the world and put pins on my every destination.  I will conquer the world one destination at a time.  
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