When we become strangers

You were unsure which pain is worse… The shock [at] what happened or the ache for what never will

It started with the weekends… You know very well that we only have the weekends to do things we like. We dig gastronomic adventures and aimless wanderings. It was fun doing things with you because you were never afraid of failing, of getting disappointed or getting dirty…We no longer go out as much as we used to.

The morning “Hi”s and “Hello“s used to be like stars dotting the night sky with conversations just about anything under the universe. We’ve talked about your dreams, your fantasies…your political and social stands and so much more. You were so passionate of all the things to suddenly become uninterested. Responses, if any, became minimal and clipped. You can even stand a day…no, a week or two without having a word with me…you became distant and far.

We were strangers when we first met. You were the spark that rekindled the fire I’ve long put out. Your spark burned and has become my warmth and light for a new beginning. I could not believe I was blazing! I did not realize I have that much fuel to burn like a bonfire. Then truth crept into the vines…Your indifference started to water down my fire. Your silence blew the remaining flicker until I was left cold and burnt. My light faded as fast as your spark ignited it.

We’ve drifted apart… I’ve seen your fleeting image as you inch away. I was left aching for something I don’t know. Am I hurting because I was left alone wondering? Is this pain gravitating to the fact that things never happened like I would have dreamed of?… Or simply because I never expected the fallout this soon? All I know is that I am hurting… bleeding… cold… We were back to square one… when we were strangers.

Feature: Agbalala Beach, Brgy. Wawa, Abra de Ilog


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